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Toddler Issues:

Suitable for parents with toddlers aged 1 year – 4 years

The toddler years or the 'terrible twos' as they are more popularly known, can be challenging. The smiley, happy baby you knew has become a demanding little toddler who can be a real handful. To help parents enjoy toddler-hood, it helps to know what to expect from a toddler – and understand how to deal with it.

Home Visits

Private Tuition maybe the ideal option for busy parents. The Consultation takes place in the comfort of the family’s home at a time and date to suit everyone. We also offer Private Tuition to Groups of friends.

We provide Consultations on the following Toddler Issues:

  • • Temper Tantrums
  • • Potty Training Issues
  • • Fussy/Faddy eaters
  • • Problem Sleepers

If you would like to learn some useful techniques which can help towards living in a happy, tension-free home, then contact us now!

Costs for Home Visit (per topic):

1-to-1’s Consultation Service from £85

Group Workshops from £85

Weekend & Evening rates apply.

Mileage costs apply if you are classed as ‘out of area’.

SKYPE Consultations available